WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging application with more than one billion users across the world. WhatsApp keeps adding a bevy of features on its Android and iOS devices to provide its customers with smooth messaging experience. Here’s a look at some major features that are very useful for every smartphone user.

Pin important chats:

The ‘Pinned Chat’ feature does just the same for you. It pins the more important and quickly accessible chats on the top, so that you do not have to go through the pain of either searching for the chat on the Search bar or scrolling through your numerous chats until you stumble across the particular window.

-For Android users, simply long-press on the chat you want to pin and once you do that, a pin icon emerges on the top bar of the app. Tap on it and the chat will be pinned and placed right on top of all other chats regardless of the messages received on other non-pinned chats.

-For iPhone users, rather than long-pressing on a chat, you have to right swipe on the chat you want to pin. The option will appear beside the ‘Mark as unread’ option and you will able to pin it by tapping the pin icon.

To Find The Person You Message the Most:

In the age of social media, friendship is all about how much data you share with each other. WhatsApp now allows you to see that information and form a ranked list of favorite friends.

Not only this, if you click through the application it also allows a user to mass delete stuff that’s occupying too much space in the phone.

How: Head to settings > data and storage usage > storage usage and you’ll see a list of your most important groups and contacts ranked according to the data you’ve shared with them.

To Remove images/videos from a particular chat:

If a particular WhatsApp group or chat is taking too much storage space, you can delete messages, chats, videos, and audio from a specific conversation.

Go to Settings>> ‘Data and Storage usage’

Select ‘Storage Usage’ and you will see all groups and contacts ranked according to the storage space they are hogging.

Select the group and tap on the ‘manage messages’ option at the bottom.

Now, select and clear whatever data (videos, GIFs, Photos, etc.) that you wish to get rid of.

Call Waiting:

Previously, when you received a call while you were already on one, WhatsApp would automatically reject it for you, and notify the person on the other side with a message I’m sure you’ve already seen more than once: “[Your contact’s name] is on another call.” The recipient, in this case, would only receive an addition to their list of missed calls. Well, no more. With the latest update to the app — version 2.19.352, if you’re keen on keeping count — WhatsApp will now let the call go through even if you’re is already on a call. And you’ll be presented with a drop-down banner with the option of rejecting the incoming call or ditching your current interlocutor by ending the call and accepting the new one.

Fingerprint authentication

If you have privacy concerns, then use the fingerprint verification for WhatsApp. The authentication is similar to the fingerprint lock of a smartphone.

If you want to switch on the feature the go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint Lock.