Eggs have been part of our diet for thousands of years, but we are still learning how they can be useful in human health. Packed with nutrients – some of which are hard to find from other sources of food – eggs are often said to be a pre-cooked food because of its many health benefits. here are 8 ways to fry a better egg.

Fried eggs are straight eggs. Low fat, hot pan, egg — that’s all you really need to do. But they are also more fraudulent than most people realize.

By controlling the temperature, changing your cooking oil, or frying it on top of piles of cheese or herbs, you can fry a variety of sun-kissed beauties. These are our favorites. (And if you choose your shell friends are all included, we have many suggestions for high cracking eggs, too.)

Fry Egg in too much fat

If you want fried egg with crispy, lacy edges and egg yolk, you have to cook it quickly and hot, and to do that, you will need a lot of fat. You might think that by “much” I mean “a great number, but it makes sense.” No I mean the amount that looks like no cans. Whether you use butter, olive oil, or bacon grease, you want to add at least three tablespoons of two eggs – enough for the hot, shiny oil to emerge over the whites, allowing them to finish cooking before it’s too firm while ensuring the edges are as lacy as possible.

Fry Egg in cream

Frying an egg in heavy cream isn’t the fastest way to cook your eggs, but the flavor the method infuses into the whites is worth the wait. The water boils off of the dairy, leaving behind butter-like fat and milk solids that caramelize and brown, resulting in a rich-tasting egg with a texture that’s sort of halfway between poached and fried.

Fry Egg on top of a pile of cheese

Cheese and eggs are a natural couple, and frying an egg on a lacy bed of sliced ​​cheese is my favorite way to combine the two. Put the cheese in a non-stick pan and wait for it to get all crispy, oily and lacy. Once that is done, break the egg right on top of the cheese, cover the pan, and let it cook until white. After that, look at your frico egg in all its glorious splendor. After that, eat it.

Fry them on top of herbs

If the cheese doesn’t taste good, you can always fry your egg directly over some crispy herbs, or add all the fried bagel to the white as it cooks in a circular bath of hot olive oil. Or add herbs and spices and take your egg to the next level which is more palatable and delicious. You can even add white fried onions to your whites. There are no rules.

Fry them in squash rings

It’s fun to fry eggs in holes, and the delicata squash just pops naturally around the perfect little circle. You’ll want to give the squash a head start on the pan – get it soft and brown at the edges – then slide your egg into the hole and fry until opaque white and set. Serve with icing toast.

Hard fry them every once in a while

I am a well-known lover of soft, running shoes, but every once in a while I crave something harder. Hard-fried eggs get a lot of hate, but try to put them to a hard boil the next time you make an egg salad – or just cut a few and toss them with a bunch of vegetables and a zippy vinaigrette.

Strain away the loose, watery whites

If you want a fried egg that looks like emoji – and has a high amount of yolk in white – you will need to remove the white, watery outer part. This is very simple: just put a small sieve over a cup of coffee or a small bowl, break an egg in it, and let it sit while you heat the pan (which can be beaten). Boil a fried egg with just a swipe of oil and over medium heat until white.

Fry them in a pile of potato chips

Potato chips make a great Spanish tortilla, but they also make an excellent base for fried boys — especially when combined with any cheese, meat, and vegetables you have hanging in your fridge. The combination of salt, crispy chips and rich, egg yolk is both a text flavor and a very good taste, and is a great way to use that last bit of potato chips, no matter what they taste.

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