Rocky had a crush on Hannah, his band mate, since they were in college. He always wanted to confess his feelings to her but was afraid what if the younger didn’t like him back.

One day in their band practice room. Rocky and his two other band mates, Moon and Eden, were practicing for their album. It was late night. Eden had asked both of them to teach him the choreo of the new song. After the song finished, the three bodies dropped themselves on the floor and relaxed there. Droplets of sweat covered their faces. Rocky sat straight, “Hey bro! We should get back to the dorms now!” The others nodded then Eden spoke up, “Have you thought about telling her yet?” Rocky shook his head in denial. “If you keep this up, she will never know and you won’t ever get to be with her!” Moon said. “I know brother!” Rocky dropped his face on his palms, “I just don’t know how!”

Eden and Moon proceeded to their younger, sitting on his either side and held him by the shoulder making him look up. “Look! Rocky! You’re a strong man. Hannah respects you very much. We’re sure she won’t get mad at you!” Moon assured. “Yeah man! Moon is right. How bout this, you take her out elsewhere and confess. Don’t worry we’ll handle things here.” Eden patted his shoulder. Rocky looked at both of them with glossy eyes. He was close to them the most in the group and shared everything with them. They giving him confidence touched him so much. He made up his mind to confess his love. “Thank you, brothers!” They all left then for their dorms.
They were going to have a picnic near Mississippi River the coming Saturday. Rocky chose this day to confess his Love.

When Saturday arrived, all the members got ready to go to enjoy their day off. They reached there by noon. Julian and MJ, the eldest of the band and both a couple as well, were setting up a tent near the river. Moon and Eden were helping each other to set up the BBQ table. Rocky was with Hannah who was getting the drinks out of the car trunk. Rocky looked at Hannah with pure love in his eyes. To him, Hannah was the most innocent soul in the world. “Rocky, help me!” Hannah called him as she picked up a heavy box and was about to fall backwards but ended up in Rocky’s embrace. Rocky had come back to reality and immediately reacted to her yell and held the girl from the back, sort of back hugging. Hannah looked behind a little upwards as she was short. Their eyes met, they were standing very close to each other. “Hey! Rocky! Hannah! Ahh! Seriously, What’s taking you guys so long??” an annoyed MJ could be heard in a distance which made the both youngsters stand straight, putting some distance in between them. “Ah! Com…ming!” Hannah stuttered as she ran towards MJ and the others carrying the box with pinkish blush on her cheeks which she failed to hide. Rocky noticed it and it was so cute to him, he couldn’t help but feel his heart race.

The rest of the day went well, the boys and girls fooled around near the river. Julian and Moon made BBQ’s. The sun set and the street lights lit up. Everyone sat calmly inside the tent. Though half their bodies were outside so like they could see the sky. While everyone was laughing and talking, Rocky was sitting in the corner. He slipped his hand in his pocket and took it out to reveal a rectangle box in his hand. The box was wooden. He touched the box and stared it for a couple of seconds and then slid it back in his pocket. He chose to make his move now.

“Hannah! Come with me! I have to show you something!” Rocky patted her shoulder and stood up. “Okay!” Hannah said so innocently and stood up following Rocky jumping on the little rocks. Rocky looked at Eden and Moon before following behind Hannah. Eden and Moon gave him a thumbs up before he went.

“Where are they going?” Julian asked with concern. Eden and Moon just winked confusing the two elders and changed the topic.
Rocky had taken Hannah under the Bridge. “What did ya wanted to show me?” Hannah asked with a big smile on her face but frowned when she noticed the seriousness on his face. “What’s wrong, Rocky?” “Hannah,” Rocky took Hannah’s hands in his own startling the younger, “You are the sweetest, innocent soul I’ve ever met in my life. The way you speak, you goof around and show your cuteness is beyond beautiful.” Hannah was dumbfounded and was just staring in Rocky’s eyes unable to process what was happening. Rocky slid his hand in his pocket and took out the wooden box. “Wha-what’s t-this?” Hannah stuttered not knowing the reason as her heart started to pick up the pace. Rocky opened the box and revealed a silver bracelet with a tiny ‘Guitar’ figurine in the center. He took out the bracelet and put the box back. “Give me your hand!” Rocky said. “But w-why are you-uu giving me this, Rocky??” Hannah protests but involuntarily places her hand above Rocky’s. The latter ties the bracelet around the girl’s wrist and holds her hand. “Hannah Smith! I love you!” As soon as Hannah heard those words come out from the elder’s lips, she swore her heart skipped a beat.

Her best friend, the one she respects, the one she secretly admires, is confessing to her?? Is this a dream?? I better not wake up if it is!!
“Ever since we were in college, I have admired you. Your every little thing, from your fooling around to your hard work, it all made me fall in love with you every day! Will you be mine?” Hannah couldn’t help but blush hardly, her face lit up with happiness. “Ofcourse! Rocky!” he almost jumped clenching the elder’s hands tightly.

Rocky couldn’t believe his ears. His love….accepts him? “R-really??” now he stuttered. “YES!!! You are my favourite! I admire you so much!” the boy couldn’t control his happiness, “I love you too, ROCKY!” with that she hugged Rocky tightly. Rocky was shocked and loaded with happiness at the same time as he hugged her back with the same tightness. They parted, “Thank you! I love it!” Hannah showed him the bracelet.

Both looked in each other’s eyes. The wind around them blew hard. Rocky slid his hand behind Hannah’s head and leaned in. Hannah stood still in her position looking deeply in her lover’s eyes, when she felt something warm on her forehead. She closed her eyes and drowned in that warm feeling as Rocky placed lips upon Hannah’s forehead. The kiss was innocent, pure and full of love. They parted when the sprinklers of the bridge turned on and splashed in the river near them. The water droplets splashed on the lovey couple, startling them but then made them giggle afterwards. They both intertwined their fingers and walked back towards the tent.

Eden saw them holding hands and spoke, “Guessing by that!” he eyed their hands, “I’m sure it went well!” “Didn’t it Rocky?” Moon added, both of them had a naughty smirk on their faces. Hannah’s eyes widened at their statement. “What went well?” Julian asked. “THEY KNOW?” Hannah yelled in Rocky’s face as her blood rushed to her cheeks. “Know what?” MJ asked confused. Hannah hid herself in Rocky’s chest thinking she would die from the shyness the situation was giving her. Eden and Moon started to laugh while Julian and MJ looked at each other feeling like the only dumb ones in the whole conversation.
And Rocky, he couldn’t feel any happier.