Let’s talk about a girl who loves books more than taking selfies or put on make-up. She is the one who will spend all her money on buying books; because she loves them like anything. She is the one who shows you her favorite “books to be read” list for a particular year.


You should be with her because she will always tell you about the books she has read or the ones she’s been craving to read. She would be the one who will always consider you as different characters of her favorite book. Find a girl who dies for books.

I remember I had met the same girl a year ago on the same day. I was not much of a reader by then. I was a good writer. She was both; a good writer and a great reader. I started knowing her more. She was deep. So deep. Just like a classic book. You don’t understand it in one go. Right? You need to read and read and re-read the same sentence time and again, and all the time it will give different meanings. You gaze on the wall to imagine how it must have been felt. You live those moments within you. She is one of them. Complicated though interesting. Crazy yet fascinating.


She is the one who always carries a diary and an unread book in her handbag. She is the one who talks about books in the name of shopping. In fact, she is the one who will always suggest you a good book. She will never compromise when it comes to reading. She’d be the one who will always look at the bookshelf as if someone has gifted her a diamond set. Probably books would be her first love. It’s a deep treasure she’s drowning into. She will drag you into the world of words.

She is the one who will always smell the fragrance of old unbleached books. The texture of a book will paint a wide smile on her face. She is the one who goes to the book market and buys a dozen of secondhand classic books. And she would keep on telling you about them. You can see the happiness on her face as if the flower is flaunting its beauty along with the first waterdrop of the rain.


She’s the crazy girl who’d go to Mc’Donalds along with her books. She’d have her drink, burger, diary, and a book on the table. She’d click pictures with her books. She’d highlight her favorite parts of the book. She’d even pen down the favorite quotes in her diary. She is the crazy girl you will always see.

She’d be the one who would not sleep at nights because of the visions she gets in her dreams. She would be the one who will make her own world in her mind. She would be lost for hours and when she comes, you will find her crying, because the characters of the book died she fell in love with minutes ago. She would need your condolence now. You just need to grab her in your arms and hug her. Give her a tight hug. That is all she needs. You need to take her out from the world of that book to another. Just divert her mind to another book now. She would be jumping with joy, once she starts reading another book she would tell you about it again. And you can see the happiness in her eyes while listening to her crazy talks.

Make sure you confess the taste in books to her. She will help you to read good books. At times, she will send you her favorite book at your address and that day you would feel on top of the world.


Don’t judge her when she describes any writer’s perspective. Just try to understand a perspective of a particular book. She would be happy to read a book with her. It will increase your love. She would fall in love for you the same way she loves the book.

You will never need to think about a fancy gift on her birthday, just give her books. Give her the gift of words, give her, Hosseini, Rand, Rushdie, King. Let her know that you care about her passion.

If you ever find a girl who reads a lot, keeps her close to you. Always fall in love with the girl who understands the meaning of written words, she will always understand the unsaid meaning they have behind them. Never ever make fun of her passion, nor take her for granted. If you want the world and the worlds beyond it, date a girl who reads.


So it’s been a great journey of one complete year where we supported each other with our passion. You taught me a wonderful thing in life which I would never forget. Thanks for showing me the world which can’t be seen by everyone. Happy first anniversary to us. I’d like to grow more and more with you like this.

Thanks for always being a backbone of mine, when I needed you the most,
To the girl, who reads a lot. . .

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