I called my driver tomorrow and asked, “How many years a tire can survive after being prepared from the tire factory”?

He saw me surprisingly like a stranger from Mars, and asked in an expression of fear, “is Tire ever immune”?

He is driving for eight years professionally. But he does not know that every tire has an expiration date after which it needs to be changed. Because there is a severe threat to tire erosion during which traveling can demonstrate to be extremely dangerous.

Reminder: a tire has a safe life for four years after manufacturing. Now you will think how to know the tire preparation date?

It is written on every tire as four digits. The first two digits represent the week of preparation, while the last two are the years of preparation. These four digits are different on the tire, they are not included alphabetically.Some companies make star sign (*) even before four digits and later.

# For example, if these four digits are 1612, they mean that Tire was produced in the 16th week of the year 2012 (i.e. last week of April). The Yenias Tire’s Safe-Term will end in the 16th of 2016. So you have to change the tire after that date.

Some companies do not tell the date of preparation on the tire. This is a serious crime,including some of China’s brands. Buying a tire without seeing the date of manufacturing is as if using medicines without the extent of the duration. But I think it’s worse than that, because bad drugs can only hurt you. While deteriorating the tire threatens the life of all the passengers in the vehicle.

# NOTE: Now when you know this, trouble the stomach, go to your car, and check the date of your tire preparation, and remember it for four years, so that You and your loved ones are safe in every journey.

# Application: You must really put this script on your name. But in order to protect their loved ones, they should be informed about them.