What is in this month
I don’t know
The feels, the emotions, the vibes
Are so low
The sky does cry
Not rain, but snow
But the soul lits up
Like inferno
Look around
The leaves are yellow
At times I’m filled with glee
Followed by sorrow
I’m walking down this deserted street
It’s quite narrow
And still I couldn’t escape
Your Cupid’s arrow
My silent cries
Are amplifying echo
Everyone is color blind
Am I the only rainbow?
I’m not the Juliet
To any Romeo
I’m just a rover
Going with the flow
Wanna join the road?
Then keep it slow
On this path
Together we’ll grow
Hold steady
Don’t ruin the glow
I’m not hiding
Have lots to show
Need no one
Coz I always go solo

By: Mishal Faisal