Dreams Didn’t Come True
Want to be independent enough
To drive through the long nights of winters
Witness the dawn of the day break
And drive some more…
Want to be eased enough
To walk into the coffee shop
Sit in peace, drink some coffee
And read my favourite book…
Want to be liberated enough
To walk across the deserted streets
With my hoodie up and my earpods plugged in
Seeing fall leaves falling, feeling cool breeze blowing
Want to be wild enough
To climb the steepest cliff of the highest range
Get to the top, catch my breath
And gaze at the sunset across the wide horizen of the sea
Want to be free enough
To wander around, wander about
Seeing all the seasons, observing all kinds of people
And being able to say that yes, I lived my life to the fullest.
Want to be ferocious enough
To tame an Akhal Teke, make it my best friend
Pull the reigns and make it gallop
Go to the remostest place, far away from here
Want to be competent enough
To mark a spot, take my bow
Steady the arrow, and with a smooth streak
Hit the target, without releasing my breath
I just want to be….enough
Written by:
Mishal Faisal