Freedom Life Insurance Company could be a subsidiary of US Health cluster and offers one easy insurance arrange for families World Health Organization need to guard their admired ones: term insurance. As of 2019, Freedom insurance has over $61 billion of insurance operative.

For people who need basic coverage with a group profit term, Freedom Life is also a viable possibility. Since Freedom Life is an element of USHealth cluster, you’ll try your policy with different advantages offered by its parent company, together with health, dental, or vision coverage.

Important: Freedom Life isn’t one amongst our top-rated insurance firms. you’ll review our list of the most effective insurance firms for what we expect area unit higher choices.

Pros Explained

  • Other insurance merchandise available: on the far side term insurance, Freedom Life’s parent company offers a spread of different insurance merchandise. you’ll additionally get insurance, accident protection, dental coverage, and vision insurance.
  • Better-than-average criticism quantitative relation: Freedom Life contains a lower criticism ratio than is predicted for a corporation of its size, indicating a comparatively positive client expertise.

Cons Explained

  • Only one insurance option: whereas most insurance firms supply multiple insurance plans, like term, whole, and universal life policies, Freedom Life solely has one option: term insurance with a 10-year term. If you would like the other arrange or term, you’ll have to be compelled to notice another insurance underwriter.
  • Not obtainable altogether states: sadly, Freedom Life’s policies aren’t obtainable altogether fifty states. you can not get a term life policy from the corporate if you reside in Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Puerto RICO, Rhode Island, or Vermont. Freedom Life, National Foundation insurance Company, and Enterprise insurance Company don’t seem to be authorized in those states.2
  • No riders or endorsements available: different insurance firms have riders you’ll raise your policy to boost and customise your coverage. Freedom Life doesn’t have any insurance riders; the policy is that the same for everybody and can’t be altered.

In 2018, Freedom insurance Company issued over $5.4 billion in new insurance policies.

Available Plans

Freedom insurance Company and USHealth cluster keep it terribly simple; they solely supply one term insurance policy with one term possibility. If you’d like another insurance kind, like whole, universal, or final expense policies, you’ll have to be compelled to seek for another insurance firm that has additional strong product offerings.

Life Protector

LifeProtector is Freedom insurance Company’s term life policy. it’s a 10-year renewable insurance arrange, which means you have got coverage for ten years. If you die throughout that 10-year amount, your beneficiaries can receive a benefit. when the 10-year term expires, your beneficiaries get nothing if you die.

Tip: You’ll renew your Freedom Life term policy till you reach age seventy.

Available Riders

Most insurance firms supply riders or insurance endorsements. Riders permit you to customise or enhance your coverage. By adding a rider to your policy, you’ll get further coverage, access advantages early underneath sure circumstances, or get coverage for your kids or significant other.

Unfortunately, Freedom insurance Company doesn’t supply any insurance riders. There isn’t any thanks to customise your policy on the far side its basic coverage; its term insurance arrange is one-size-fits-all.

Warning: With the liberty Life LifeProtector arrange, there's no accelerated benefit rider for chronic or terminal unhealthiness, thus there’s no thanks to access your advantages early if you become seriously unwell. That rider could be a common endorsement offered by different insurance firms.

Customer Service

Freedom Life and US Health cluster have restricted on-line client resources. you can not get a quote through the web site, and Freedom Life doesn’t have tools like insurance calculators or on-line chat that different firms supply.

To contact client support, you’ll email or decision 800-387-9027. However, the provision of its representatives is proscribed. Client service is barely obtainable weekday to Fri from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT, and on Sat from 8:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. CT.

Complaint Index

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners collects all client criticisms regarding insurance firms and releases company complaint ratios. The criticism quantitative relation could be a range that reflects what number complaints were lodged a couple of company relative to its market share.

The trade commonplace criticism quantitative relation is one.0. A quantitative relation below one.0 is taken into account higher than average, and indicates that the corporate received fewer complaints than expected.

In 2019, Freedom Life’s criticism quantitative relation was zero.83, slightly higher than the national criticism.

Third-Party Ratings

For over a hundred years, AM Best has been one amongst the known credit rating agencies centered on the insurance trade. But It problems monetary Strength Ratings (FSRs), its opinion on companies’ finances and their ability to satisfy their written agreement obligations.

In 2019, AM Best upgraded the monetary Strength Rating of USHealth cluster and its subsidiaries, together with Freedom Life, from B++ (Good) to A- (Excellent). The modification was created to replicate the company’s sturdy operative performance and risk management.4

Freedom Life and USHealth cluster weren’t enclosed within the J.D. Power 2019 U.S. insurance Study.5 The study graded twenty four insurance firms supported evaluation, product offerings, and client satisfaction.

Cancellation Policy

Because Freedom Life solely offers term insurance, it’s fairly easy to cancel your policy. Your insurance arrange is barely in result as long as you pay your premiums throughout your term; if you not need your policy, you’ll merely stop paying your premiums.

With term insurance, you can’t get a refund on premiums you already paid, however you won’t be command answerable for the premiums for the rest of the term.

Contact your Freedom insurance agent if you’d wish to finish your policy.

Freedom Life Insurance


Online quotes aren’t available; you need to contact associate underwriter to induce a quote for Freedom Life’s term coverage. However, the corporate reportable that premium payment choices vary from $10 to $50, growing in $5 increments.

Like all insurance firms, Freedom Life bases your monthly premiums on many factors, together with your age, location, and gender.

While Freedom Life’s application method isn’t on-line, you seemingly got to select “male” or “female” whereas obtaining a quote such as you do with different insurance firms. whereas being nonbinary doesn’t disqualify you from obtaining insurance, remember that the majority insurance firms haven’t updated their underwriting processes to replicate associate awareness of gender problems.


Freedom insurance Company offers only 1 insurance arrange. whereas a 10-year term insurance policy is also adequate for a few, it’s going to be scarce for everybody. However, If you would like a additional substantial policy with a extended term, or if you’d sort of a whole or universal life policy, you’ll got to notice another company.

Another option to think about is Transamerica. But It’s one amongst the largest insurers within the country, and it’s term, whole, and universal life policies. you’ll even get quotes for term life policies on-line and acquire up to $50,000 in coverage while not a medical checkup.

Transamerica has eight totally different insurance plans to decide on from, supplying you with significantly additional choices. And, it’s a set of riders you’ll raise your policy to customise your coverage, together with accelerated death advantages, children’s advantages, and accidental death advantages.

 Freedom Life Insurance CompanyTransamerica
Market ShareNot applicableEighth-largest in the U.S., 3.4%
Number of Plans18
Dividends for 2020Not applicableNot applicable
Wellness Program Discounts/Quit Smoking IncentivesNot applicableNot applicable
Service MethodPhone, webAgents
AM Best RatingA- (Excellent)A (Excellent)
Price RankFairFair
Complaints Trend0.831.31

If you already get your health, vision, or dental insurance through USHealth cluster and like your underwriter, adding a term insurance policy with Freedom Life may be straightforward. However, it’s only 1 policy, with solely a 10-year term. And, it’s not obtainable altogether fifty states.

Most people can want a insurance company that provides additional choices and additional strong coverage than Freedom Life provides. you’ll be at an advantage with a insurance company that has whole or universal policies and riders like accelerated death advantages.

How we have a tendency to Review insurance firms

Our reviews of insurance firms area unit supported a quantitative approach that analyzes every insurance underwriter on their stability and dependability, client service, claims expertise, diversity of product lines, and cost. However We have a tendency to compare the terms of every sort of policy offered—including obtainable coverage amounts, optional riders, and premium payment options—with those of different major insurance firms. Lastly, we glance at however the corporate is rated by third-party organizations to see its dependability and overall name.

What Is A Public Health Advisor?

If you’re dependent on the sphere of public health and have given thought to following a career during this trade. You will have at some purpose asked yourself a pertinent question: “What could be a Public Health Advisor?” In reading the info found below. You’ll get a solution to the present question and a number of other others that pertain to the present career path.

The Public Health adviser – a quick summary

Although generally outlined, the general public Health adviser is a private. WHO offers help and recommendation referring to matters that involve rising public health activities. Public Health Advisors will assist a large vary of facilities and organizations, together with public, nonprofit, and personal agencies. Public Health Advisors may also work with native and/or state governments. Typically, they’ll represent one or many federal public health programs in their work with the non-federal health community. Whereas they are doing usually work with people at intervals the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). They’ll additionally work with folks outside of this sector on matters referring to leadership and technical recommendation, help and knowledge on support, and giving motivation and steerage.

Roles and Responsibilities

While the tasks performed by the general public Health adviser can dissent supported a range of things, a number of the roles and responsibilities they’re usually expected to meet include:

  • Operating as a link between the non-federal and federal public health communities to make sure that federal programs involving the channeling of funds, technical help, and program motivation run swimmingly
  • Matching public health resources but with native and state desires
  • Transforming federal health care objectives into realities
  • Catalyzing the efforts exerted by co-workers and also the general public specified. They’re double-geared towards the development of quality of life and general well-being of others.
Freedom Life Insurance

The Public Health adviser – Programming

Public Health Advisors usually play a task in fashioning and/or implementing programs designed to facilitate the overall health and well-being of the general public. Below you’ll notice a basic description of the kinds of programs they could implement:

  • Health adviser Programs that area unit directly associated with preventing, dominant, and eradicating vector-borne and communicable diseases still as alternative preventable conditions like health hazards that may adversely have an effect on the surroundings. A number of the interference programs will pertain to sickness} and sexually transmitted disease management, protection to forestall the unfold of contagious diseases, urban gnawer management, and interference of lead-base paint poisoning.
  • Public Health adviser Programs designed to satisfy public health desires through education and repair like migrant health, community health centers, maternal and kid health, birth prevention, and fostering however the availability of skilled care in area unitas that are underserved.
  • Programs that facilitate the event of health care systems, like those who pertain to the event of personnel resources at intervals the technical support occupations, emergency medical systems, and health maintenance organizations.
  • Programs that pertain to drug and habit and mental state treatment. These programs area unit typically sorted along due to their reticular nature.
  • Programs referring to facility development (construction and modernization), health knowledge systems, health designing and alternative forms of special purpose programs

Public Health Adviser – Salary (Wage)

Indeed reports that a public health adviser will expect to earn concerning $55,000 per annum.


If you have got given any thought to operating at intervals the general public health sector. But you ought to understand that opting to become a Public Health Adviser. It may be acceptable and advantageous for you. Currently that you simply have a basic understanding of what a Public Health adviser is and will. You’ll confirm whether or not this job path would be the proper one for you to pursue.

The California Department of Insurance and What It Can Do for You

As authorities organizations go, it’s invariably assuasive once one, like the American state Department of Insurance, is here to assist. Often, these organizations ar just shoulder-shrugging agencies that invariably appear innocent of any answer to assist a distressed or pissed off client with motorcar insurance issues. Well, this can be not the case with the American state Department of Insurance.

Indeed, the American state Department of Insurance (CDI) is a crucial wide organization fashioned specifically to assist customers with sure things, as well as creating wise to selections once it involves selecting any variety of insurance. However additional usually motorcar insurance. The CDI will assist customers in their search to search out accredited motorcar insurance firms or agents in their space. Understanding confusing insurance terms, also as a way to compare insurance premiums accurately…without falling prey to hidden agendas or obtaining powerless by advertising and promotion.

American Freedom Life Department of Insurance

Furthermore, the American state Department of Insurance will check and verify the operational license of a selected supplier you’ll have a matter regarding. this will be a useful tool must you be cautious on the legitimacy of a possible alternative of agent or nondepository financial institution. The organization’s web site will offer further data concerning this standing of the corporate, years in business, and any past complaints that will are filed against them.

Another helpful operate of the CDI– if you’re ever in an exceedingly position. Wherever you think you’ll are the victim of insurance fraud or subjected to unfair treatment by your nondepository financial institution, you’ll report it to the CDI. Once a criticism has been filed, the organization’s investigatory unit can scrutinize your claim and, if found applicable or warrant any action. Alter you to get the assistance and/or compensation you’re entitled to. Whereas the bulk of fraud claims rumored ar principally related to automobile-related collisions or equally connected property harm. You’ll basically report any variety of fraud to the department for swift resolution.

One of the additional valuable aspects of the CDI is that it stands behind you within the event you’re feeling you haven’t been treated fairly by your motorcar nondepository financial institution.

The CDI will offer help if the unfair treatment includes:

  • Improper denial within the settlement of a claim.
  • Excessive and extra delay within the settlement of a claim.
  • Unlawful cancellation and/or termination of your contract.
  • Deception by your broker or company.
  • Thievery of paid premiums.
  • Increase rates or premiums which is unfair or constant.

It’s invariably smart to grasp you’re not alone. But you’ll either decision their client hotline at 1-800-927-4357. Mon through Fri, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Or, if you’ve got questions on the American state Low value motorcar Insurance Program and the way to secure low value motorcar insurance, decision 1-866-60-AUTO -1 anytime. You’ll additionally visit the CDI web site directly at

No matter what your wants, it’s comforting to grasp the CDI is there to help you. However, once it involves your premiums, you’re on your own. Get a free motorcar insurance quote from motorway Insurance and economize on quality coverage today?

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