Everyone is suffering from many kind of problems. Some people are worried about food, shelter and clothes. Some are in trouble of saving extra clothes and food. It is very strange fact of today’s world that a person who have everything in life; have no peace of mind. Everyone is running to get more and more. There are no words like “much” and “enough” for people. There is another world of “struggle” rather than,to be rich and poor and this is the world of technology. The living style is changing very swiftly.  Struggle with life is on one side and the craze of technology is on other. Both things are the cause of frustration among people. Mostly youth are the prey of frustration. Here is one question for every sensible person, what make these teenagers and youngsters so frustrated at this age? What are the reasons? What makes them so frustrated and hopeless? The reasons are many.
Education system is one of the biggest problems. Lack of proper system is one of the causes of anger among youth. Unfair examination, favoritism by teachers, lack of amenities and resources for learning can multiply frustration in youth in many different ways. Intelligent and able students are replaced by the students whose parents are rich. Grades are only for those who are favorite to teachers. All these and many other reasons cause frustration in teenagers and youngsters.
There is pandemic in youth to compare one self with other. Comparison with others can cause anger and frustration among any one. Comparison can be accurse among siblings, class fellows, and relative. To be better from other can result in much destruction in someone’s life. Sometimes parents are more responsible or that. They use to compare their child with others. They force their child to be better than others. That pressure can cause anger and frustration.
            The Darwinian theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ still continues today. ‘BE THE BEST’. Outsmart your peers, your colleagues, and show that you’re a shining star. Yes, but at what cost? Much of the frustration is caused due to the notion set by society, that if you’re not the best or good enough, you will not be ‘accepted’.
            Video games and movies which promote violence are the cause of mental stress for people. There are many games for teenagers for example Manhunt, Hotline Miami etc. A recent study reveals;
The disturbing imagery or violent storylines of videos games like World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto are often accused of fostering feelings of aggression in players. But a new study shows hostile behavior is linked to gamers’ experiences of failure and frustration during play.
            With the rise of technology the families are becoming nuclear, and it becomes difficult for them to give proper time to children. Being neglected they are suffering from frustration. Parents are so busy that they cannot even ponder upon what their child is doing, what company he is having, what kind of habits are in child. That kind of kid grows frustrated and angry from inside.
Internet addiction may also lead to antisocial behavior. A bad comment over a social networking site, or frustration vented out over someone for not responding to a text message is nothing but over-obsession. Less time is spent on real-life personal communication, which does not boost ‘sharing, caring, and giving’. Slow internet, less opportunities to get access of thing and overuse of technology can cause frustration. Rapidly increasing internet and cheap data plans and above all the rise of smart phone cause many changes in life. The craze of all these things in teenagers is not hidden from anyone. 40 % of the population on social media is school going children. So what we are expecting from these children.
There are many people how lack confidence and the reasons are very. Some of them are not confident because they assume themselves less than others. Lack of confidence is a major issue of today’s youth. It can cause anger and frustration in particular person. It can cause plenty of mental disease. They might not be accepted by people and end up in depression.
Unemployment is the greatest cause of frustration among youngsters, especially in developing countries. When education does not guarantee jobs, it is certain that the youth is going to be disturbed. Well, a lot depends on the political and economic status of that nation. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop indeed. This is a grave cause of why crime rates can increase and disrupt the civil life of that country.
Frustration can cause anger, giving up, lose of confidence, self-esteem, stress, anxiety, and depression. All these behavior can be the cause of violence, murder, drug addiction and abusive reactions.  As writer Khalid Masood has said, “It’s a frustrated, frustrated, frustrated, frustrated world.” As it is clear that frustrated youth is harmful for the nation and society. We should try to provide better ways to prevent youth to be frustrated.
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