Today I encountered with a very strange incident, a lady come to me and asked why you wear “Hijab” if you have to wear short dresses. I felt so dumb at that point because somehow I had respect for the lady and was unable to answer her. My friends were asking me to let go and a few of them shared their personal experience on the same topic. One of my friend shared that once she was visiting a park with her family wearing long shirt and jeans with “Hijiab” and not a single part of her body was exposed she noticed people staring at her . A lady came by and said “what a shame! Be_hurmatti of pardah! Shame on her parents….and so on…!”  And my friend said: Alas for the lady, what a perception she has! It’s not ending here one of them shared that people often look at her with disgrace as she must be from some strict family. Girls with bare head and open hair, burdened with makeup don’t want to befriend with her. Well that is the real shame for all those so called liberal people!
What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see a girl wearing a Hijab? Let me tell you what most people guess and assume and perceive about that girl. They will defiantly assume “her parents must be strict, they must deal her with “sakhti” , she must be ordered by her husband or she must be from backward family”. There comments will not end with this but they will say that she is doing “Hijab” only for showing off. Just to Show that she is “Naik Parveen’ virtuous and stuff. Particularly From “Hijab” they will guess that you are not a good lady and only pretending to be one. The sardonic and contemptuous thoughts bring them to you to ask questions straight on your. They will ask don’t you have hairs on your head? Are you bald? Do you have messy hair? Ohh please! For the Love of God Stop guessing and mocking them.
“Hijab” is so beautiful thing that it can be someone’s personal choice.  Can’t a girl cover herself because she wants to? Can’t she carry “Hijab” to please herself, her father, her brother, her husband? Can’t she carry “Hijab” because it makes her happy to make her feel beautiful?
I don’t understand why people associate something as beautiful as “Hijab” with oppression! I am not denying the fact that some women do wear “hijab” due to the family. And even there are some who are misusing this beautiful thing and hiding their bad deeds behind, but it is not the same case always. “Hijab” is not something which is there by force it can be there by choice. There are women who wear it because it makes them more secure, happy and beautiful. They do it because they want it. I do it because I want it….!