I encountered these words for the first time during a mystic sublimation at a church in Lahore. They were signing to God “ Our God is great. His splendour fills the earth, the lightning crash, the thunder sings His praises, The galaxies can’t help but shout His worth. My soul must sign to you an offering, how great you are!”
These words pushed me to the thought of greatness, gratitude and goodness around that I always neglected. Many of us when getting a glimpse of opulence, liberty or get impressed by other successful people, it makes them gloomy. We as normal people fantasize the lives of famous individuals because of all attractions, possessions and success they own. This happens due to dissatisfaction, discontentment and frustration in their lives. At that moment, we ignore the reality that greatness comes along responsibility.
Everything appeared to us is deception. All luxurious attractions don’t promise happiness and satisfaction. Sometimes, I too feel the same. Thinking about life achievements gives me momentary pleasure. However, I end up being disappointed and current is not always enough to praise. It a normal human nature that we hardly realize the goodness around. But this song, “How great you are” urge me to revisit my cognitive attitude followed by sensitivity, negative sentiments, disapproval and hopelessness and replace it with greatness, happiness and ownership.
This spiritual transformation is rooted in the consciousness of truth and self. A human doesn’t need to degrade his/her worth. The existence of human being on earth is the reason for greatness. The Creator dedicates the title of “best among creatures” to the human beings. That’s how great I am. Greatness is not merely something that someone can strive hard to achieve or anything that is attainted as specialization, but an inner quality that can be accessed upon apprehension. Every human being has a separate unique identity. Born with a purpose in life and the ability to utilize my senses to examine, analyze, assess and critically evaluate a phenomenon makes the difference. Every day comes with a purpose and each action performed in that day. However, all days are not positive and optimistic, it is about change agent who makes the difference.
All peace preachers in the world advocate harmony, self-realization and social radical changes for the goodness. In my life, I had a golden opportunity to meet the Abdul Sattar Edhi. He was a preacher of peace regardless of any religious affiliation. Later, Dr Amjad Saqib from Akhuwat was another inspiration for me to act as social agent and change maker in society. These people are role models for humanity and respectful progressive society. It the old notion that your company leaves a deep impact on your personality. This period of my life had a serious impact and allowed me to look into the miseries of others. Therefore, I feel great to be the follower of greatest and selfless souls. Helping and serving others is ultimate greatness in oneself, ordered Creator of the universe.
Aisha Rehman