Happiness is a state of satisfaction, mental peace,well being and calmness. I guarantee you that happiness will occur when you start doing what you love and love what you are doing.Happiness is a key of life .No wealth can buy happiness .Happiness is in ourselves. What we have to do is to explore happiness Beacuse i have learned one thing in my whole life that no one can bring you happiness except you.
Here are some tips to become a happy perosn given below:
1_ give more expect less.
2_Show love to your loved ones.
3_live in the current moments not in the past .?
4_ Always remain hope that next day is going to be a good day.
5_ Learn to forgive.
6_ Trust people but not too much.
7_ Think before you speak
8_ train your mind to remain calm in unbearable situations.
9_ Stop posting your problems on social media.
10_ Stop blaming people.
11_ Eat healthy.
12_ sleep well.
14_ Spend time with your family.
15_ Do whatever makes you happy.
By implying all these tips in your life you can change your life and last thing is that you will never be happy if you don’t have an urge to be happy.So first of all make your mind that you deserve happiness and than follow these tips and see your life changing??