To live life, a person needs bread and clothes, and shelter Besides, the need for relationships and social relations. Every person has his thinking about how to handle these relationships. Some people make these relationships comprehensive with sincerity, and some People make them through relations for need and under hypocrisy. The relation between man and hypocrisy is imminent for a long time. Still, now it has become so common that everyone’s speech and actions display hypocrisy. Sometimes you do not even realize that the hypotheses you are listening from others, whether based on the truth or are wrapped in the hypocrisy of the hypocrites. In some people, hypocrites have made their roots strong enough to talk to anyone without it, is like “آبیل مجھے مار.” When a person starts climbing the stairs of hypocrisy, he has to lie at every step of it. But what should one do when hypocrisy is becoming a necessity of today’s era. To articulate, we have many friends in our lives; from the list, some are our friends, and some are made under necessity. When friends are true, friends say anything to each other and bring them in front of others even more. Will give a thick cunt, and then everyone’s laugh will give you a laugh. But if the foundation of this relationship is a matter of interest, and you say something in fun to your edifying friend, on that he may give you chunky abuses in heart and will spend many days in a jumble. But still, on the face, he decorates the same sweet smile for you. That is the hypocrisy of fake friends. It’s those people who love you for the sake. When the time came that you are in trouble and you need these friends, and you use the heart to call them at the time of need, they will make excuses and will not willing to engage in friendship. Whenever you need them, they will have a lot of fun smoothly, and then it’s time when their natural face is in front of you. According to a Poet; مرحلہ دشوار آیا تو ظرف سب ہی کے کھُل گئے لوگ جیسے دِکھ رہے تھے، ایک بھی ویسا نہ تھا Not every friend needs to be a hypocrite globally, where the unfortunate and hypocritical people are present. Fortunately, some people cannot be hypocrites even if they want to be, despite being their character, become their enemy. Amjad Islam Amjad says about it. ممکن نہیں مجھ سے یہ طرزِ منافقت دنیا ،تیرے مزاج کا بندہ نہیں ہوں میں It is not possible to treat me with this kind of hypocrisy World; I’m not a maiden mood! The friendship of such people is pure and realistic, and they do not make amity with everyone. But with whoever they are attached to, they make them happy with companionship. The person who loves the heart, I call him a friend, does not do politics in the politics of hypocrites!