“I wasn’t meant to be…”
I wasn’t meant to be
Caged up in these brick walls
With a ferocious heart; rotting
And spreaded wings; shedding
I wasn’t meant to
Seek comfort in rigidity
Accept acute obligations
And perform the rituals
I wasn’t meant for
Staying in the heat of hatred
Which suffocates me to my depth
Till I can breath no more
I wasn’t meant to be
Taken advantage of
The light and vibe I possess
And left with none at all
I wasn’t meant for
The submission that you acquire
Just let me be
And see how I set the fire
I wasn’t meant to be
The shy, nice, timid person
Who would mould her ways
According to your needs and wants
I wasn’t meant to
Give you the reigns of my life
So you could ride the way you want
Just to show me off, at the town
I wasn’t meant
To be your trophy
That you would place at your highest shelf
Sealed away from all what’s left
I wasn’t meant to
Be concealed away from the world
In the name of your false protection
That made me loose my soul
I wasn’t meant to be
Born and die like this
And dying again with your ruthlessness
Never to forget your ignorance
Written by:
Mishal Faisal