Come and sit by the fire
Let me tell you my story
I promise you won’t tire
For it will be full of glory
With pride your heart will swell
Will fill your eyes with tear
There’s where my voids dwell
And that won’t be all my dear
Just stare in that fire, and see my demons dance
Look at the night sky, how the stars shone
There hasn’t been anyone whom I gave a second chance
For this tender heart has now become a stone
I too had endless laughter
I too had ups and downs
But that doesn’t mean we can be together
For now I’m having layers of gowns
Though I still am filled with emotions
Always reaching out for catharsis
Gotta need to change my notions
Can’t have more wrong analysis
And yet with this story, I’m not done
Have loads and loads to tell
So brace yourself my hon
Perhaps it will ring any bell
Written by:
Mishal Faisal