A few days back I was sitting in my university’s cafeteria having Taco. It was very  delicious indeed but meanwhile i felt a sense of desperation for one thing and that thing was “COLD DRINK”.  Yes! Cold drink but then I came to know, it’s not available in cafeteria and the reason behind that heart breaking news was,

“The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has decided to ban sales of all type of soft drinks at educational institutions across Punjab from 14th August 2017.”

According to the details, not only the authority has banned the sales of these soft drinks but also barred manufacturers from supplying them to any shopkeeper, canteen and drink corners situated within 100 m of the educational institutes.
PFA Director General, Noorul Amin Mengal, added:

“Authority’s board has fully supported a comprehensive operation across the province by creating special operation teams for effective implementation of this restriction.[We have] constituted 701 special operation teams for monitoring and implementation of the ban.”

Soft drink as everyone knows is and becoming important part of our routine. We are unable to enjoy our food without it. Whenever there is fast foot there must a soft drink. If we have “Biryani”, “Tikka”, “Karahi” and sort of spicy food there must be soft drink.
So on…. But the fact is when I was on my way back to home I bought a cold drink “Coca Kola”. I drink its very last sip and it was so pleasurable for me. Being mature if I can do this then what can stop those children who are in the age of rebellions. According to some psychologists,

“When they are as young as nine or 10, with ‘teenagers’’ increasingly likely to resent and disobey what they see as parental restrictions.”

According to Dr. Peter Ernest Haiman, “a child rearing expert and therapist, a child’s need to develop a sense of autonomy is particularly strong between 1 and 4 years old”. As it is psychologically proved that child of that particular age is more rebellious than us. what make us think that we can stop them like that.
Banning things in some specific areas is not going to stop anything. If we really want to make our children safe from that kind of carbonated, high sugar drinks, we should ban it from all over the country. No one should get it even in most desperate condition. It doesn’t mean that banning things from Institute have no effect. It has, definitely has, at least it lower the rate of drinking Soft drinks. But again it is not going to exclude soft drink from anyone’s life….!