It is said that a country’s image is the reflection of the Country itself. What if a country is representing a tarnished image? Everyone is proud of his Country. No matters what but everybody is so passionate and enthusiastic about the name of one’s Country.Patriotism is in everyone’s blood. Sometimes in this patriotism, we cannot bear any bad word about our country. That is our passion!
Recently I was watching a video based on a public experiment. A question was asked from foreign people that “What comes to your mind when you hear Pakistan”.  The reviews of people are interesting.

Some of them are praising food, culture, and friendship of Pakistani people. Some recognize Pakistan just because they know India.  They said “not far from India”, “separated from India”. These are quite bearable reviews from foreigners.
But as we can see that the image of our country is not good in front of many people. They used words like Poverty, Slum Houses, War, Terrorism, and Bomb; kill People, Aggressive, Unsettled etc. Being nationalistic no one can bear those words. Did we ever bother to think, what are those things which are spoiling the true image of Pakistan? What are those things which are swallowing the soul of Pakistan?