“That wasn’t what I meant to be…”
For I’m the horse
Roaming in the meadows
I’m the wilderness
Of the steepest shallow
I’m the moons, the stars, the galaxies
Of the worlds that I’m yet to know
I’m the grass, the sea, the fresh ocean breeze
That will cool down any volacanic hollow
Don’t let your passiveness ruin my distinctiveness
For I am the Sagittarius of the zodiac dial
Try to saddle me and I’ll gallop
Leaving you breathless, unable to get up
Fire me up and I’ll burn you
I will let your own demons haunt you
Try to catch me and I’ll run away
You’ll be aching to catch my glipse again
Think I’m a doe so you could hunt me
But you’ll see as I become the patronus to your wildest dreams
Don’t be so eager to start again and break me
For I’ll become your killer, even before you start your plea
Written by: Mishal Faisal