Through the years we grow, we suffer from many things. We suffer from injuries, events, and trauma’s
fear. To suffer to feel pain is like a must thing for everyone to experience once in their lifetime. But what
happens after that suffering or through, it is variable it’s not same. People with their own unique
universe of thoughts, believes, decisions carry different aftermaths. The one who succeeds becomes a
helping hand for those who drowned. But even for those who survives, those who hold on firmly to the
pillar of patience and sacrificed their most beloved dreams in hope that with time sky will clear open on
them, their eyes will start recognizing colors that once they ignored, there will always remain the regret
of missing those moments that they seldom deserved, which were from the start made for them
flourished with their attraction and hope. Designed by their hard work and skills, elegant yet unique, we
dived too deep in polishing our dreams thinking and planning about your best friend’s special day your
first outing with the one you love, your first car, your own home, your education that we totally forgot
that every actions carries an equal and opposite consequence. Even that action is just your thoughts,
you forget that just when a deer sets from home to drink water he forgets that a predator with his full
focus have set his eyes on him that just when a satisfaction is going to achieved the devastation is
waiting for you. Yes, destiny is waiting for us, eagerly to crush to ruin that every single thought that you
think about yourself about others around you, we will never achieve it with the same way we desire.
Some of us will call it bad days, some of us will lose hope, some of us will ask God “why me?” Some of
us will quit, some of us will blame others. If I sum up all of the negative thoughts in different peoples
what will be the most common thing?
It will be “Disbelieve” !
We do read the kalma, offer prayer five times, read and listen Quran, go to religious gatherings watch
shows and yet we deny the most fundamental believe in Islam, that a supreme deity exists, that Allah is
watching every single pain you feel in this temporary world, that He is the best of the Seers and The best
of the Listeners. Not single milliseconds exist in your whole life of which HE is not aware of. I to this age
have concluded that for every bad luck there is a far better good luck waiting for you. For every lost
dream there is a far better dream already in existence waiting for you, for every broken heart there is a
far better healer waiting for you, For every suffering a far better reward is waiting for you, And when I
use the word waiting for It doesn’t mean that it will come to you by just watching you suffering, waiting
means it’s your responsibility to walk to it. And once you will set your journey towards it you will come
to know the meaning of every single thing you went through. The regret will end on that day. The main
thing was to realize you that Allah wanted you to earn that blessing rather getting it.