In the 19th century

the mentally ill were thought to be alienated from their own mind, Experts who studied them were known as the alienists.

Once there was a Alienist Named Dr.kreizler from New York . He had difficulties in his work as the people of that time didn’t liked this field of work that much. He had a friend from school who was always with him in his hard time. His name was John Moore . He was a reporter from New York times. They both have a friend named Theadore Roosevelt who was appointed as the new commissioner of NYPD. He had an Assistant Named Sara Howard who was the first female to work in NYPD. She was also a childhood friend of John Moore.

Once there was strange case of a 11 years old boy who was found dead and have missing body parts and was killed coldblooded. it had been week since that incident his department couldn’t find the killer and after few days the killer strikes back and took a life of another innocent child. There was a rage outburst in public against the police department and there were conflicts in the NYPD itself.

At that time Theadore didn’t have so many friends in his own department and the media was on his tail so he had to move fast. He thought in order to capture this psychopath he have to understand this psychopath so he called his friends for the assistance for this case and they agreed to help him. They started the investigation and it was totally private. Theadore gave him 2 new detectives on this case along with her assistant who was friend of John. They all came up with a plan to capture him. They knew that he kills innocent childs after every 2 weeks and the days were coming close tohis striking days. They set a trap. They used Dr.Kerizler’s servant kid who was almost of that age. They put him as a Bait at the street from where the other two kids went missing.

They waited until midnight but no one came there to take the bait they were about to leave from the street and suddenly there was so much fog that they can’t see anything the detectives went down from the rooftop to check on the kid as no one could see anything but it was to late and the killer have taken the bait. They couldn’t find the kid but the kid was smart and he had a shell bracelet on him so he was throwing it all the way. when Dr.kerizler came down the roof at the scene he suddenely saw those bracelet pieces and began to follow down to the alley.

The whole team was running low on time and they had to track the killer fast they came close to killer and the killer was hiding in the dark with the kids mouth shut but somehow he was able to scream and screamed for help until the killer shushed him and knocked the kid down and started to ran. the team have seen the killer and there was running the two detectives try to take him from other side and John and Dr.kerizler took the other path and sara took the other. The killer was on the direction to sara and then the killer and sara were in front of eachother. The killer thought that what could the woman do. he put the kid down and he took a knife out from his pocket and began to ran against sara and she was ready top kill him as soon as he came close she took out her revolver from her purse and started to aim at her. She had never fired the gun before but she took her chance and shot him in the chest and he was dying. Dr.kerizler reached there and tried to take words out from him that why did he killed those two innocent child. He was so desperate to know that why would he do this but the killer didn’t told him and died. They took the kid home and the case was closed. The team didn’t took the credit and gave credit to his friend commissioner Theadore roosevelt. They solved so many cases like this until the commissioner went back to the U.S navy.

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