In the colder regions when temperature falls to 32 degree Fahrenheit the upper surface of water starts freezing and becomes thicken with the time . It looks so beautiful. My words do not justify with it’s beauty.
A question rise in our mind often that water beneath the ice layer is warm or cold ? If it is cold than how aquatic life survives in this cold environment?
We see that when we dissolve an ice cube in water the temperature of water decreases and water becomes cold but this is not the case in freezing water lakes.
Actually the case is the water beneath ice layer is warm. The upper layer of ice prevent the lower water from cold environment.This ice layer act as an insulation ( insulation is a process of covering something to stop heat,cold,light,electricity and sound from entering and escaping) and prevent lower water from further heating that’s the reason why fishes and other aquatic life survives even in the extremely cold conditions.