in the psychology of reaction, man raises the greatest thrashing. Vengeance and reaction in revenge is a snail that is always weakened. The reaction of our knowledge, literary, journalism has been adopted as a fashion. If we take a pen, then we start from the fact that the West has done this, the foreign policy is, this plan has been developed and these conspiracy measures have been taken. All these things will be right in their place, but the question here is which nation in the world that appeared in power and did not do it all?According to the practice of Arab, Turkish, Rome, Sassani or Mughals, the world of history is full of the obligation of Russia, America and the United Kingdom.When the fact of the world is the fact, the nation should be nationally guided by its existence.

 I am not advocating whatever is happening from the West. There are many troubles done. But our need for us is to demonstrate wisdom rather than inconvenience. Muslims have seen an unusual period regarding their occupation. In the first phase, the power of Arab was achieved, rule in Persia was established, Turks became Muslims, and then Mughals, who became Muslim in a long period of time, have remained in power over time, but there is a great deal of time.

We are still living in the fifteenth century, while the formation of political domination and victorious has already passed, nationalities are established, afire of revolution in industry, science, technology and information has broken.And new rules, new borders and new powers have come under new rules.Unfortunately our where our religious scholars are confused in profession, our writings, poets and journalists are also busy making future hollow dreams by listening to or exhausting theories, rather than introduce the nation to the world’s innovation.
In Malakity, when the religious scholars started taking part in the judiciary of the judiciary, there was a direct involvement in the judiciary, and the psychology of listening to them was decided. That’s why their views, decisions,conclusions, and every hurdle came to an end and if they were not convinced of their view, they became misguided, violent and rebellious. This environment did not exist due to the end of Mughals and Ottomanans, but where does the kingdom go? However, by observing the situation for scholars, it is indispensable to adopt its attitude according to the timely requirements.

It is our duty to educate our nation. It is the first time the time for people to grow and understand the principle of fall and fall of history. Exit psychologists must create a constructive taste. Since last five centuries, we have not given anything to the Muslim world, for that we have to establish our relationship with knowledge, ethics, ignorance, education, innovation and patience. People in the conservative chains of reactionary psychiatrists can only commit suicide for themselves but never move forward.