I always had a question in my mind that if there is no air in the space than why sun burns?
We all know that sun is a burning ball of fire . Fire occur by combustion process and combustion process is defined as “burning of something in the presence of oxygen” and air is the only source of oxygen .In space there is no air so there is no oxygen than how sun burns without the supply of oxygen? The answer to this question is that the sun is burning because some special kind of reactions are taking place and these are called “nuclear fusion reaction”.
‘ Nuclear fusion reactions are
Reactions in which two or more
Atomic nuclei combine to form
One or more different atomic
Nuclei and subatomic particles.’
How fusion reactions take place on planet earth?
Isotopes of hydrogen combine to form helium atom and every second about 600
Million tons of hydrogen is converted into helium. A huge amount of energy and heat is produced in this reaction.Fusion reactions continuously taking place that’s why sun is extremely hot .The energy and heat produced in the sun is delivered to planet earth where it is used by living beings.This is the main reason why sun burns if there is no air in space.