Youth! Youth are the stanchion of the progress and betterment of every Country. They are leaders of tomorrow and are crucial segments of nation’s burgeoning. Youth are the source of hope that to bring prosperity in the state or Country. It is not only about a country but also about whole social circle. A youngster, alone, directly or indirectly belongs to so many persons. If the younger one is a boy, it is a source of hope for his mother, father, sister, brother and many others. If the one is a girl the whole coming generation depends on her. Just imagine if the strongest pillar of any nation get spoiled what would be the consequences. Yes today I am going to talk about youth and the increase in the crime rate. In Pakistan, thousands of street crimes or incidents take place on a daily basis. Almost 50 percent of the crimes are never registered by the police authorities. Some of these Crimes includes, rape, gang rape, robbery, vehicle snatching/theft, kidnapping, murder or attempt to murder. But the most increasing and active crime is dealing with drugs. Yesterday there was news on a TV channel;

“KARACHI: Police claimed to have busted a gang –including a girl– of drug dealers involved in supplying drugs/narcotics using internet and mobile phones in posh areas Defense and Clifton.”

Furthermore police said that the gang use “Internet” to book order. There was also a special group on Whatsapp fo dealing with drugs. The SSP said that the suspect Sonia would approach young people through social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, befriend them, and lure them by giving free drugs,” and  “We have information that there is some important person at Drigh Road from whom the suspects take drugs from [to sell],” he said. SHO Aurangzeb Khattak on Wednesday told Geo News that police were carrying out routine checking when the drug peddlers’ car was stopped. Upon checking, ice and hashish, wrapped in small packets, were recovered from the car.
According to police, the initial investigation revealed that Mehwish had access to various schools and universities in posh areas, where she would visit on different pretexts and sell drugs to students. The group used to sell drugs in houses in posh areas too. To avoid being stopped at police pickets, Usman Shakil would drive the car and Mehwish would normally sit next to the driving seat masquerading as a couple, sources told Geo News.
What is happening! There are some people how are squashing innocent buds like Zainab, Meriyum , Asma and many more. Some are killing others for property, revenge, blasphemy and family’s honor.
People want to be bashful, modest and emulous but in trying to be all that they are killing humanity. Somewhere girls are being harassed and if they don’t response they become victim in many ways.  There are 50% cases in Pakistan related acid attacks, kidnap, rape and murder and every incident is presenting horrible picture of brutality than other. Recently a 15 years boy is found in such crimes. The thing which needs to take into consideration is that what are the sources from where only 15 years old boy get information, such information which is making him aware about his instincts. The sources for me, no doubt are media and internet.
Wait! I am not saying that these things should not be here, but there must be limited contents to show.
News, talk shows and many other programs are explaining the crime scene in details they are providing information and ways to do such things. If someone is not aware about how to open a lock, he can get every detail from media from any recent incident in which a criminal happened to open a lock with certain tricks. And the detail of that trick repeated again and again on social media. Movies, serials, clips and many other things are the roots. As far as I think there must be certain limitations especially for teenager. They should access things but only those which are suitable for their age. Most importantly parents should take extra care while providing facilities of mobile phone, internet etc to their child. Children are going to be the future and “Youth” so if we want a youth with fewer errors we should take care of it from the root. They should be able to make their conscience so strong that they can stop prevailing anything.